Saturday, March 17, 2018

Intelligent Influence in Life

Some people have likened the Intelligent Influence framework to the mythical substance Vibranium made popular in the blockbuster movie Black Panther. Vibranium is an amazing material that enabled the imaginary African city Wakanda to become the most technologically advanced country in the world.

An ideal life is someone who has Influence Love with their significant other, their child is well-behaved because they utilize Influence Parenting and is doing well in school because of Influence Teaching, they are on the verge of getting a promotion because they are an Influence Leader at work and, they live in a safe community because of Influence Policing. In addition, they are using Intelligent Influence to enhance their spiritual and physical health. Vibranium has made Wakanda a nearly perfect society. In the same way, Intelligent Influence can help to move people toward a very successful and happy life.

Intelligent Influence is extremely valuable because it is the only four-step process that teaches people how to use their past, present and future influences to succeed in any activity involving human interaction. The framework helps people utilize influence to enhance their marriage, improve their success as parents, increase the quality of education their children receive and excel in their profession. Intelligent Influence also enables police departments to do an exceptional job of protecting and serving communities.

The popularity and evolution of the Intelligent Influence process inspired me to create Influence Love to improve relationships, Influence Parenting to improve parenting skills and success, Influence Teaching to improve classroom management, Influence Leading to improve success at work and, Influence Policing to improve community policing. Influence Love is the optimal state of connection between a couple because it is based on compatible influences not on superficial commonalities. Influence Parenting is the only way to successfully guide children because it enables parents to strategically manage positive and negative influences. Influence Teaching is the secret of effective classroom management because it empowers teachers to provide positive educational influence to all students.  Influence Leading is the most effective type of management because it involves motivating a diverse team to get the most out of their skills and abilities. Influence Policing significantly enhances the effectiveness of a police department because it moves officers from the traditional control/force/military policing model to one of protecting and serving.

I will describe each of these unique forms of Intelligent Influence individually and in greater detail in subsequent articles. My hope is that every person reading this article will be able to live an enjoyable life guided by Intelligent Influence.

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