Thursday, June 16, 2011

Intelligent Influence In Business

         The future influences the present just as much as the past.
                                                                                          Friedrich Nietzsche

The word “influence” is “hidden in plain sight” in the language of today’s complex business world. The term is used by millions of business people on a daily basis without a comprehensive understanding of the vitally important role influence plays in business success or failure. Modern technology provides the data necessary for today’s executives to develop comprehensive plans for the future of their business. As described by Nietzsche more than 150 years ago, these future plans not only have a direct influence on current business operations, they also impact how employees need to leverage past business and personal influences for future success.

The strategic use of influence is the foundation of individual and organizational success. Corporations seeking to exceed profitability goals must develop business strategies focused on maximizing their influence in the marketplace. The productivity of employees at every level of an organization is directly correlated with the influence they have on their peers, subordinates and supervisors.

Based on an analysis of extraordinary people and companies, I developed a framework on individual and organizational success that I call Intelligent InfluenceTM. This unique approach to management consulting provides an effective new process designed to increase the productivity and profitability of corporations. Intelligent InfluenceTM is defined as “a learned competency that leads to extraordinary results driven by effective human interaction.” This framework is custom designed to help corporations improve organizational efficiency; develop exceptional leaders; increase the engagement and retention of employees; assess the talent of current and future employees; and, maximize the effectiveness of a diverse workforce.

The seamless interconnection of dynamic global economies has challenged leaders to develop new approaches to address constant business change. Armed with knowledge about how people have been influenced and how they intelligently influence others, managers can approach problems and challenging situations more effectively. Insight into how these managers have been influenced and how they influence others enables them to maximize their success as leaders within any organization that requires significant human interaction.

The utilization of Intelligent InfluenceTM in business involves the application of a custom designed consulting process to help individuals value the influence based differences of their peers, subordinates and supervisors in a way that increases their engagement and effectiveness within the organization. Regardless of how they are formed, why they come together, at what level in the organization and for how long, all effective teams need to learn how to manage their internal influences and maximize their external influences to achieve their goals.

All extraordinary teams understand how to manage their internal influences in a way that will enable them to have the external influence they need to be high performing teams. The Intelligent InfluenceTM in business consulting process offers a suite of unique influence based tools and resources that can bring out the best in senior, management, functional and project teams.

This framework is especially effective in helping corporations in the areas of Organizational Effectiveness; Leadership Development; Employee Engagement; Talent Assessment and Recruitment; and, Diversity and Inclusion. This comprehensive approach to organizational improvement is based on enhancing the internal and external influences of both employees and organizations in a way that will help them maximize their effectiveness in today’s competitive business environment.

The most successful people within an organization are those with the most positive influence. The Intelligent InfluenceTM in business consulting approach provides tools, resources and strategies to help individuals at every level of an organization enhance their influence in a way that will increase both their productivity and that of the department or division in which they work.

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